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Stronger Communities​ believes that services should be available for all individuals.

Our Organization is supported through fee for service, grants, corporate sponsors and individual donations. This support and investments allows us to offer our programming at reasonable rates. 

Your donations are used for individuals who are either in need or have been ordered to take classes that may be homeless, gone thru the adoption or foster care system, domestic violence survivors and at-risk juveniles.  Stronger Communities donates 75 full scholarships independently thru charity donations from our CEO and President, Ms. Leticia Sandoval. 

What can you do to change and help the path of individuals who are in need of services?  Will you pay it forward?  Think outside the box and extend a hand up to someone in need.  Call, text or email us! Donate, Donate, Donate!  



Stronger Communities strives to improve the quality of life for all individuals.


Stronger Communities provides and promotes educational, health, employment and re-entry services focused on enhancing one’s well-being and decision making skills.


*Utilize proven curriculum. 
*Courses approved by the Courts, Probation, Parole, EAP, employers, and Health & 
  Human Services Agencies (CPS).
* We offer classes during the day, evenings and Super Saturday's.
*Referrals to and from Companies, healthcare clinics, criminal justice system, Child Protective
 Services (CPS), homeless shelters, mental health clinics, educational institutions,Employee Assistance Programs and Social Services.

"I was always challenged and after an argument at work, my job sent me to a anger management class. Everything clicked and I learned different techniques to cope with my anger. I have learned to redirect my anger towards the issues and not the individual. Thanks for working with me."

Jenny  Vail

"I was impressed with the wide variety of classes offered at Stronger Communities. The staff UNDERSTAND the criminal justice system and knew exactly what I needed to complete after getting a bunch of orders from the court. I'm glad a friend recommended this. Worth every penny and more!"

Joshua Garcia


About Us

Stronger Communities believes that every individual has the ability to learn and change their behavior.  


For over 15 years, our staff has helped thousands of individuals improve their living situations, by providing them with resources and wrap around services to positively alter their path.   Stronger Communities has historically  assisted individuals to integrate  back into their neighborhoods and stabilized families through education, health awareness and resource connections. We teach skills that improve lives.  

We also work closely with companies to improve the knowledge of their employee's through training programs such as violence in the workplace, sexual harassment, ethics, etc.  We have experts who conduct internal affairs investigations and understand the importance of the facts and the complexity of such investigations.

When we speak of communities we speak about families, neighborhoods, companies, school districts, city, county and federal municipalities and the employees.