‚ÄčOur Services also Include

Domestic Violence Educational classes- Our goal is to stop the violence that results from the use of force or threat to achieve and maintain control over others in intimate relationships. We will help individuals gain insight into their violent domestic crimes and victimizations, and their potential consequences.  (DV clients will be assigned to a case manager).

  • EAP - Violence in the Workplace
  • Workshops/Programming at Middle & High Schools on Emotional Intelligence
  • Subject Matter Experts on Sexual Harassment, Ethics Training programs
  • Experts conducting internal investigations for all types

Substance Abuse Assessments- Our assessments provide face to face interview with the individual with a turn around to meet your expectations.

Anger Management/Emotional Intelligence- (Adults and Juveniles) Our classes will provide you with an overview of anger problems, an understanding of the nature of anger, anger management skills & concepts, and the role of trigger thoughts with an understanding of brain functioning. Participants will to learn self management techniques in the roles of communication, assertiveness, empathy, stress, and consequences when dealing with their anger.


We ONLY accept money orders, cash, debit or credit cards for payments. 

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Parenting/Co-Parenting- Not only will you fulfill your court obligation in completing this program, but you will leave this parenting class with valuable information to change your life and the lives of your family members. These classes will teach you parenting skills, co-parenting skills, and improve parenting relationships, as well as relations within the family as a whole.

Graffiti class- individuals will learn hands on the damage to the communities and learn the impact on their families, neighborhoods and themselves.  They will become acutely aware of the impact theft has on the victim and community.

Corporations/Companies-  We will work with you to provide your employees Violence in the Workplace classes/workshops either as a training or thru your EAP.  We also provide sexual harassment, ethics Trainings and conduct internal investigations.  Our staff come from a wealth of experience in the fields of law enforcement, education

Anti-theft (Shoplifting)- Taking a anti-theft class can be a very helpful way to guide your life away from stealing or other theft behaviors, which in the short run are very appealing. However, in the long run, a life as a theft offender, a life of stealing, shoplifting etc., is one which leads to a dissatisfied and unfulfilled life.